Schann-Vaduz Station

Schann-Vaduz Station

Austria, Principality of Liechtenstein, Switzerland




The title FL.A.CH. represents the Principality of Liechtenstein (FL), Austria (A), Switzerland(CH). These three countries should be brought even closer together with the proposal for a new commuter rail development, in half-hour frequency. The quality of the stations, as well as the comfort and convenience of the rail system, represents a passenger’s central criteria for the use of public transportation. With this in mind, user-friendly facilities and furnishings at the stations, as well as efficient connections for train, bus, bicycle, and automobile transport is decisive for overall acceptance. The current conditions of the stations cannot accommodate the demands of such a modernization and must be newly planned within the scope of the FL.A.CH project. All of the stations were analyzed and optimized in regard to their location, utilization, and passenger use potential. Particularly, the growth and development of settlements in the surrounding areas of the stations had been taken into consideration. The stations at Schaanwald, Nendeln, Schaan Forst, and Schaan-Vaduz are planned with a contemporary and homogeneous design and quality furnishings, which include barrier-free accessibility, modern guidance and signage systems, weather protection, and ticket machines. Additionally, emphasis has been placed on optimal bus and bicycle interchange. Bicycle parking facilities remain a significant element in station planning.

Markus Ostertag, Daniel Cranach, Aida Knöttig, Leslie Jordan, Michael Bieglmayer, Tomasz Burghard

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